Are Your Employees Disengaged or Actively Engaged?

employee engagement Mar 08, 2021
Are Your Employees Disengaged or Actively Engaged?

Why Employee Engagement Is Important

Today’s marketplace is competitive, and everyone can stand to increase their bottom line. Organizations must choose to grow employee engagement to boost morale and productivity actively. Employee engagement is a comprehensive, strategic approach that creates positive, lasting results when correctly implemented. Let's explore how organization's can establish and strengthen emotional bonds between themselves and their employees.

Employee Engagement Defined

Employee engagement falls into one of three levels, as outlined by the Gallup Organization. The first level is “not engaged,” which indicates" employees "who are not emotionally connected to their work or company. They show up to work with little motivation and provide minimal effort toward accomplishing their goals. The second level is “engaged,” which indicates "employees "who take pride in their job and demonstrate daily enthusiasm for their work tasks. These employees are usually motivated self-starters who take the initiative to go above and beyond what is asked of them to succeed at their jobs. The third level is “actively disengaged,” which "ignifies employees "who are unhappy with their job or organization and actively spreads negative energy throughout the workplace.

Strategies for Enhancing Employee Engagement

  • Organizations should strive for high levels of engagement among all their employees to maximize productivity, creativity, morale, customer service, retention rates, loyalty, etc. Here are some strategies organizations can use to enhance employee engagement:
  • Offer competitive pay & benefits – Employees need fair compensation both monetarily and non-monetarily (e.g., vacation time). This helps create an environment where they feel valued as part of your organization.
  • Provide meaningful feedback – Whether through performance reviews or informal conversations with managers/supervisors, communication about expectations helps create clarity for the individual about what success looks like in the workplace. Feedback should also include recognition for a job well done when applicable; this will encourage employees to continue putting forth effort into achieving organizational goals & objectives.
  • Encourage collaboration – Involving others in decision-making builds trust among team members and creates ownership over successful outcomes or solutions. This encourages active participation from every team member by giving them a voice within the organization.
  • Offer professional development opportunities – Professional development offers growth opportunities for individuals within an organization while also benefiting the organization by developing a more knowledgeable workforce with skills necessary for future success.
  • Create new initiatives– Developing new initiatives gives everyone something fresh & exciting to focus on while allowing them freedom & autonomy in finding solutions that work best for your organization.


Enhancing employee engagement should be seen as an investment rather than an expense; it cannot be overlooked if you want your business's long-term success businesses to see from these strategies listed above; it may be difficult, but taking the necessary steps towards creating a culture of mutual trust and respect will give your business a distinct advantage over its competition in terms of productivity, customer service, retention rates, etc.

Ultimately this will result in better customer relations. Customers pick up on how valued they are by your staff and greater loyalty amongst teams within your organization because everyone feels like they have a greater purpose for being part of something bigger than themselves! All these factors increase profits, so investing now in enhancing employee engagement makes sense!



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