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    Psychological Safety

    Team coaching focuses on moving the group of people down a path toward the desired objective. A coach helps work through conflicts and keep the team on track while encouraging collaboration.

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    The Black Diamond Leadership Academy

    The High-Performance Leadership Academy is designed for experienced leaders who currently hold management positions. The program covers the most critical topics in High-Performance Leadership based on 20+ years of management research and practice.

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    Through coaching, clients can clarify their vision, overcome obstacles, change self-defeating beliefs and habits, build trust, turn a business around, and achieve extraordinary results.

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    Strategic Peer Advisory Board

    The Black Diamond Leadership Strategic Peer Advisory Board consists of 10-16 local business leaders to help solve your most complex business challenges and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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    Recent Posts and Articles

    • 18 Aug
      10 Steps To Become An Effective Delegator-Leader?

      Influential leaders can accomplish even greater things through successful delegation. Usually, when we think about delegating time as leaders, we are focused on efficiency.  When leaders delegate tasks to others, they are improving their effectiveness and showing their team members that they trust and depend on them.

    • 23 Jun
      Self-Mastery Webinar

      The Pathway to Self-Mastery is a recording from a webinar I delivered in June 2021. The webinar covered the eight steps to self-mastery with examples and a few case studies. Self-Mastery includes developing your emotional intelligence and how to manage your Key Moments.

    • 17 Jun
      Why Develop Your Customer Facing Team In Emotional Intelligence

      Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to audiences of all sizes, to work one to one with CEOs and executives, and to work with teams on how to improve their emotional intelligence, which I believe is one of the fundamental skill sets that a leader must have to be successful.

    • 02 Jun
      Psychological Safety and High-Performance Hybrid Teams

      As we recover from COVID and begin to return to “normal,” the big question on everyone’s mind is how a hybrid model will impact the performance of companies?
      During this executive briefing, I will explain what Psychological Safety is and is not, the impact on teamwork and innovation, how to measure it and improve it.

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