The Success Of Your Business Tomorrow Depends On The Development Of Your Future Leaders Today


The Black Diamond Leadership Lab is hands-on leadership coaching and training for high-performance and high-potential managers in your organization that will be tomorrow’s leaders.


This is a 12-month program, with classes held each month for members of your organization.  To start the Black Diamond Leadership Lab and create a leadership pipeline for key positions in your company, let’s set up a time to talk.

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What Makes The Black Diamond Leadership Program So Powerful?


Each workshop includes hands-on exercises and activities that engage participants in real-world situations and bring the material to life.


Participants learn skills they can quickly master and immediately put to work to improve their job performance and leadership capabilities.


The program is designed with small learning modules that can be scheduled to meet your team’s busy schedule, with topics prioritized based on immediate needs.


Each lesson plan emphasizes practical leadership skills over theory. Personal action plans guide long-term professional development and implementation of skills mastered.

Topics We Cover In The Lab

The program covers the most critical topics in High-Performance Leadership based on 20+ years of management research and practice.

Start the black diamond leadership program at your company today!

The Black Diamond Leadership Lab is designed for leaders who currently hold management positions. The 12-month program covers the most critical topics in High-Performance Leadership based on 20+ years of management research and practice.Program participants learn how to create a culture of high-performance, trust, and accountability within their organization. Graduates of this hands-on leadership academy stand ready to inspire their team members, exceed their business goals, and develop the next generation of leaders within their organizations.

Does your company have a defined process for cultivating and developing internal leadership?

Are you promoting individuals to leadership positions and not giving them the tools to succeed?

Is your company suffering from poor employee engagement due to poor leadership in key positions?

The Cost Of Not Having Effective Leaders In Your Organization Is Far Greater Than The Cost Of Implementing A Leadership Development Program.


Black Diamond Leadership Lab graduates have the knowledge and skills they need to meet the challenges of your business head-on.  They will be given the tools to improve, protect, and enhance the diversity of thought, innovation, and success within your organization.

Providing hands-on professional development opportunities has been proven to improve overall employee engagement and reduce costly staff turnover rates. An investment in the future leaders of your company offers measurable, long-term benefits to your entire organization.

Give your leaders the tools they need to lead!  Schedule a call to discuss how we can start the black diamond leadership lab at your organization.

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