January 20

Chris Marocchi, MBA


I’m very fortunate to have worked with Robert in the area of Emotional Intelligence training and coaching. After a senior manager at my current employer informed me that my promotability within the organization might be in jeopardy because I had a reputation of being abrasive during my communications with senior leadership, I knew I needed to make a change.

Consequently, I signed up for a webinar with Robert and then for personal EI coaching sessions.

Robert put a custom program together for me, and I immediately put the new coaching to use. Three months later, several senior leaders have mentioned a noticeable improvement in the tone of my communication and have complimented me on it.

This is timely because there are now two senior management positions opening up that I will be applying for. I’m grateful for Robert’s patience and candor – it’s opened my eyes to areas that I could improve and has provided me with the tools I need to improve my emotional intelligence in all facets of my life.


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