David Shaffer, MBAManaging Partner

David Shaffer
Areas of expertise
  • Culture Transformation
  • Psychological Safety
  • High-Performance Work Systems
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Growth Strategy
  • MBA, Pepperdine University
  • BS, Concordia University

David Shaffer has served as President, Managing Director, Business Advisor, COO and Vice President of Sales for multiple companies both for and not for profit industries. He has worked with companies that include manufacturing, construction, health, elder care, distribution, services and information systems and is a Managing Partner of Black Diamond Leadership.

He has been recognized for his ability to effectively integrate all aspects of business including financial management, information systems, infrastructure and operations. He has assisted companies from executive strategic planning into operational and business process improvement opportunities including sales strategies and executive life balance attainment.

He has worked with several Private Equity firms in supporting due diligence activities both on the acquisition and exit side of the investment. His range of company support includes start-up through fortune 500.

David holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in Southern California and a Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University (Sir George Williams) in Montreal, Canada.

His accomplishments as a CEO include recipient of Mark of Quality award for outstanding client service, best practice and personnel development.

As part of a major international consulting firm, he was recognized for his efforts to successfully establish a Business Process & Operations Improvement and Information Technology consulting practices in Asia.

He has served on multiple Boards in the corporate, not for profit and education environments. His commitment to community has been recognized by institutions including Long Beach College and Charter Hospital.

David is a certified member of the expert panel for Managing Americans and a former Chair for Vistage International. He has been a frequent speaker and publisher in the areas of leadership development, business planning, value creation, sales management, and strategy implementation and operation improvement.