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Emerging Leadership Academy

The Black Diamond Emerging Leadership Academy is designed for experienced leaders who currently hold management positions. The program covers the most critical topics in High-Performance Leadership based on 20+ years of management research and practice.

Program participants enhance leadership skills and learn how to create a culture of performance, trust, and accountability. Graduates of this hands-on leadership academy will inspire their teams, strengthen program outputs, and develop the next generation of leaders within their organizations.


Smart leaders realize their employees are more than a payroll expense. Employees are intelligent and resourceful people who can think, learn, and therefore, continually improve their value and ability to contribute to the organization.

Black Diamond Emerging Leaders Acadamy is for organizations that recognize the enormous capability of their employees and are willing to invest in their development.


  1. Self-management and personal effectiveness
  2. Interpersonal relationships, communication, and trust
  3. Teamwork and collaboration
  4. Leadership and accomplishing results through others

The content of the series was carefully created to deliver the most important aspects of employee development. It is based upon 20+ years of research into the skill sets that have the greatest impact upon the performance of employees and, therefore, upon the future of their organizations.

Why This Program for Your Leaders?

  • Dynamic- Every workshop is packed with action and exercises that engage participants and bring the material to life.
  • Competency-based- Participants come out of each workshop with skills and competencies that they can immediately use to improve their job performance.
  • Flexibility- The workshops are modularized so a delivery schedule can be set to minimize work disruptions and allows topics to be prioritized based on needs.
  • Get people back on the job- The modularized nature of the workshop can minimize the time people are away from the job.
  • Spaced learning- The workshops are spaced over time to allow the participants to practice and master the material between sessions.
  • Application- Each module concludes with application assignments to ensure the skills are not forgotten and utilized between sessions.
  • Accountability- The workshops emphasize skills rather than theory. The participants are encouraged to create personal development plans and share them with management.

Develop Your Leaders With Minimal Time Out Of The Office

The Academy meets once per month for six months. Each workshop is for three hours and there will be weekly coaching calls for participants to ask questions and receiving coaching. While the coaching calls are not mandatory, the calls will help the participant between sessions.    Every workshop is packed with action, discussions, and exercises that engage the participants and bring the materials to life.

Dynamic Workshops

The content of the program was carefully created to deliver the most important development for the emerging leader.  The content is based upon 20+ years of research into the skill sets that have the greatest impact on both current and future performance.

The emphasis is on application rather than theory. It enables participants to learn new competencies and gives them the tools to apply those competencies on the job.

  • Leadership: From Control to Empowerment
  • Team Leadership: The Power of a Team Charter
  • Coaching Conversations: Power Conversations for Performance and Affinity
  • Delegating for Growth: Get More Done and Develop Future Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence: Stay On Your ‘A’ Game
  • Leading Others Through Change: A Three-Phased Model for Success

Return on Investment: The Long Term Benefits to Your Company

As your people attend the Black Diamond Emerging Leaders Academy, they develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase their effectiveness and ability to interact and lead others successfully. They will develop habits of success that will produce more capable and valuable employees.

They will work with and learn from leaders from other companies in the area. Best practices will be shared and discussed. Challenges will be discussed in a “mastermind” style environment.

Never before have such diverse and critically important business, interpersonal, and leadership topics been combined into a training series with such impact.