Business People in a Meeting and Working Together

Black Diamond Leadership’s CEO Peer Fourms brings together dynamic business leaders for monthly facilitated peer-to-peer discussions across the region. Each group combines 10-16 non-competitive industry peers to help executives solve their most complex business challenges and identify opportunities for growth and innovation through collaboration and thought leadership.

The CEO Peer Fourm facilitates the growth of strong executive networks, the sharing of best practices, enhanced leadership development, and long-term business growth. It is designed for CEOs and business leaders from diverse industries and sectors. Individual peer groups are made up of 10-16 local leaders with similar backgrounds and professional experience.

Your peers serve as alternative boards of directors, ready to help leaders make better business decisions with confidential feedback and valuable peer-to-peer advice. Participants access the knowledge and insight of their peers and the opportunity to meet and support executives within their local community.

CEO Peer Forum launching March 2020 in Conejo Valley 

Why You Should be in a CEO Peer Forum

When you are leading an organization, it can feel lonely at the top. CEO peer groups are popping up across the country to help executives meet, share best practices, and provide peer-based support, guidance, and advice in informal and confidential settings. You’ll learn firsthand that leaders from diverse industries face similar leadership, management, and business challenges – and that overcoming them together produces game-changing results.

CEO Peer Fourm Overview

  • Monthly meetings with 10-16 peers
  • One-on-one support from a professional executive coach
  • Guest speakers and facilitated topical discussions
  • Confidential feedback and advice from top local leaders
  • Industry exclusivity and non-competitive matching

Group Chair and Facilitator

Robert Grossman

Robert Grossman is the Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Leadership, a national management training and executive coaching agency that works with individuals, organizations, and teams to drive peak performance and profitability.

A 360 Solutions certified high-performance leadership and teamwork consultant and one of 18 Fearless Organization certified Psychological Safety coaches in the U.S., Robert has coached and trained more 500 exceptional leaders across the country and internationally.

Robert has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting his clients during critical growth points in their business journey, including providing one-on-one and team coaching and mentoring to build innovative, creative, customer-focused, and collaborative teams; and engages all team members as contributing partners in the business.

Seven Reasons to Join An Executive Peer Forum

One of the toughest parts of running a successful business is learning how to scale. Mismanaging growth causes many businesses to fail. Within the groups, there are always people who have been through that process and who can guide you on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, which will significantly improve your chances of scaling successfully.
We all have blind spots, but when you're running a company, it can be difficult to see what these are. In peer groups, you get honest feedback and tough love that helps you see the areas where you need to improve -- not only in business but also as a leader.
Accountability is one of the major keys to being successful, and within the groups, the CEOs act as accountability partners. They not only offer advice and support, but they also check-up and call each other out on how they are doing with their proposed plans.
I've gone through a divorce while trying to grow a business. It's hard not to bring your personal problems to the office, which can have an effect on your business. These peer groups can provide an outlet and the support to help you through these tough times.
The stronger our networks, the bigger the pool of resources that are available to us. When you network monthly with a group of eight to 16 CEOs, you not have access to them but potentially their resources. The more resources that we have available, the more options we have when looking to address problems.
The best idea is a well-tested idea, that has been examined and challenged from all angles. The more we can test our ideas before we look to implement them, the stronger we can make them, or understand that it might not be the right thing to do, which could save us from costly mistakes.
When you're part of a mastermind group, even if the issues being discussed were raised by someone else, you can always learn from them. The challenges that others face may not be the challenge you face today, but at some point, it may pop up in your business. Being aware of how these things start, and knowing how to deal with them will help tremendously. It's good that we can learn from our mistakes, but it's great if we can learn from the mistakes/challenges of others. The same is valid for successes.

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