The Trust Factor: The Road To High-Performance

The Trust Factor: Creating High-Performance TeamsDramatically increase your effectiveness with others as you learn the principles and skills of trust and interpersonal dialogue.

Course Overview

Dramatically increase your effectiveness with others as you learn the principles and skills of trust and interpersonal dialogue.

When trust is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. Respect is lost, and our performance is compromised as our energies go into manipulation and protection rather than working together toward a shared vision.

We believe that the most successful organizations of the 21st century will know how to create a climate of trust and goodwill among their employees.

Course ObjectivesIn this program, you will learn how to interact with others in ways that build trust and win-win outcomes. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn the core elements of trust.
  • Identify how we engage in collusive, weakening patterns of relating to others.
  • Experience a change of heart and know how to break out of collusive patterns.
  • Come to view others in a way that promotes unity, trust, and goodwill.
  • Understand the three phases of interpersonal dialogue and practice dialogue skills.
  • Commit to interacting with others in strengthening rather than weakening ways.
  • Develop the ability to confront poor performance and behavior problems.

Course Logistics

  • All Team Members
  • Format: Online or Classroom
  • Course length: Eight modules lasting three to four hours (online programs may be broken into two sessions)
  • Workbooks Provided
  • Application of Adult Learning Styles
  • Students learn best by incorporating their personal experiences
  • Workshops use accelerated learning techniques, role-plays, simulations, discussions, and lectures.
  • Interactive learning setting
  • Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk-free environment

The Trust Factor Modules

  • Appreciate the need for collaboration in our interdependent society.
  • Learn the definition and key elements of trust.
  • Evaluate the consequences of high and low trust within an organization.
  • Understand the importance of being trustworthy and rate your trustworthiness.
  • Receive feedback from others about your personal trustworthiness.
  • Understand the dynamic of collusion.
  • Be able to identify and diagram collusive relationships.
  • Write a personal story of collusion.
  • Evaluate the consequences of collusion.
  • Learn the four reasons we engage in collusion.
  • Identify payoffs and prices from our collisions.
  • Understand the folly of trying to get others to change.
  • Learn the two ways to be in relationships with others.
  • Experience a change of heart toward others.
  • Learn and practice the skill of creating safe and trusting conditions.
  • Explore the role of communication in interpersonal relationships.
  • Learn about alternative ways of communicating/influencing others.
  • Identify your “native tongue” or preferred style of communicating.
  • Understand the consequences of an absence of dialogue.
  • Understand the definition and meaning of interpersonal dialogue.
  • Learn and model the core principles of dialogue.
  • Understand why mutuality is the “bedrock” of dialogue.
  • Learn how to create a pool of shared understanding.
  • Know how to solve problems in a win-win way.
  • Do a self-assessment of your skills in interpersonal dialogue.
  • Receive feedback from others regarding your dialogue skills.
  • Learn the steps of dialogue.
  • Practice the skills of mutuality.
  • Learn and practice various inquiry skills.
  • Understand the meaning and guidelines of advocacy.
  • Know how to identify and share your left-hand column.
  • Practice using the skills of dialogue.
  • Identify actions to improve your ability to engage in dialogue.
  • Learn to confront behavior that fails to meet your expectations.
  • Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building trust.
  • Develop a set of non-negotiables for those whom you lead.
  • Practice the skill of harnessing harmful behavior.
  • Apply the skill to back in the office situations.
  • Understand the characteristics and consequences of co-dependency.
  • Know the difference between responsibility for and responsibility to another.
  • Learn a credo for your relationships.
  • Understand what you do that weakens others when you actually intend to help.
  • Learn the valuing process as a skill to strengthen others.
  • Evaluate what you do to strengthen others in your relationships.
  • Understand how contracting can be used to strengthen yourself and others.
Tom Oser

I attended an executive briefing delivered by Robert Grossman, head of Black Diamond Leadership, on “Creating Culture of High-Performance. Robert brings extensive experience from the field of running and operating businesses, and certifications field of emotional intelligence, leadership, psychological safety, and human performance. He brings to life where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in teaching and coaching topics that have a real impact. Of particular interest was the way he combines the core established concepts of “Emotional Intelligence” with the newest trends on “Psychological Safety” – reinforcing the fact that as markets and technologies evolve – so must the way executives and business owners think about getting the most out of their employees. If there’s a need in your organization for more effective teaming even among your most talented performers – giving Robert a call would be well worth your time.

Tom Oser, CEO
Pipeline Consulting Strategies
Brenda Alllison

Robert has a wonderful style that disarms and makes one lean in to learn. The fellow participants were all high level, high performing successful professionals. The caliber of the individuals created an atmosphere of a higher level of dialogue. This is a testament to Robert’s reputation and ability to connect with you, your employees, or your boss.

Brenda Allison, CEO
Coast General Insurance Brokers

Robert provided an engaging seminar on Developing a Culture of High Performance for our senior management team. The team learned quite a bit in just a few days and we are now “speaking the same language” when it comes to accountability for our individual and team efforts. I am certain that any team will improve using Robert’s methods. We have definitely increased our efficiency post-Roberts seminar and we are eager to learn more. When you invest in your team, they are vested in you

Tom Gilman, President and CEO

Powerful and highly effective are words that come to mind when I think about Robert and the work we have done together. I have had the pleasure of working with Robert for the past ten months, during which he was my executive and leadership coach. Above all, I am impressed with his commitment to my success, how he challenges my perspective, and the level of empathy he brings to our conversations.

There is no doubt that I am a much better leader today due to his contributions as my coach. In addition to coaching me, I hired Robert to lead a leadership development program focusing on emotional intelligence and teamwork. Robert is an excellent executive coach and facilitator, and I strongly recommend him to anyone committed to becoming a more effective leader.

Karim El-Hibri
East West Resources

We engaged Robert Grossman (no relationship) to help us address labor-management challenges within our company. By creating a safe emotional space, sharing his expertise and personal experiences, and providing our team with valuable insight and strategies, Robert set us on the right path toward achieving a culture of high performance.

Robert taught us the importance of emotional intelligence, psychological safety, open communication, active listening, empathy, and understanding. These valuable tools help us become a healthier, more cohesive team, enabling us to focus on achieving our organization’s mission. I highly recommend Robert and Black Diamond Leadership.

Debra Grossman
Guide Dogs of America

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two sessions on emotional intelligence.  I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from emotional intelligence awareness.  You are a wonderful presenter –  thoughtful, professional and compassionate.  Afterward, I had a conversation with one person who was sad the course was finished.  Others really seemed to enjoy it as well.

Practice makes perfect, so I will continue to work on changing my response pathways and hopefully, it will become second nature.  I am grateful Karim found you and continues to work with you.  I can see clearly now why he is so excited.

Nancy El-Hibri
El-Hibri Foundation

Yes! I want to learn more about this workshop!

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