The Trust Factor: The Road To High-Performance

Dramatically Increase Your Effectiveness With Others As You Learn The Principles And Skills Of Trust And Interpersonal Dialogue.

Course Overview

'The Trust Factor' dramatically increases your effectiveness with others as you learn the principles and skills of trust and interpersonal dialogue.

When the trust factor is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. Respect is lost, and our performance is compromised as our energies go into manipulation and protection rather than working together toward a shared vision.

We believe that the most successful organizations and leaders of the 21st century will know how to create a climate of trust and engagement among their employees. If you're interested in becoming that leader, you can also check out our Black Diamond Leadership Lab Program.

Course Objectives

In This Program, You Will Learn How To Interact With Others In Ways That Build Trust And Win-Win Outcomes. Specifically, You Will:

  • Learn the core elements of trust and engagement.
  • Identify how we engage in collusive, weakening patterns of relating to others.
  • Experience a change of heart and know how to break out of collusive patterns.
  • Come to view others in a way that promotes unity, trust, and goodwill.
  • Understand the three phases of interpersonal dialogue and practice dialogue skills.
  • Commit to interacting with others in strengthening rather than weakening ways.
  • Develop the ability to confront poor performance and behavior problems.

The Trust Factor - Course Logistics

  • All Team Members
  • Format: Online or Classroom
  • Course length: Eight modules lasting three to four hours (online programs may be broken into two sessions)
  • Workbooks Provided
  • Application of Adult Learning Styles
  • Students learn best by incorporating their personal experiences
  • Workshops use accelerated learning techniques, role-plays, simulations, discussions, and lectures.
  • Interactive learning setting
  • Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk-free environment
  • The trust imperative

  • collusion

  • a change of heart

  • interpersonal communication

  • INterpersonal dialogue : core principles


  • harnessing harmful behavior

  • strengthening our relationships

The Trust Imperative

  • Appreciate the need for collaboration in our interdependent society.
  • Learn the definition and key elements of trust.
  • Evaluate the consequences of high and low trust within an organization.
  • Understand the importance of being trustworthy and rate your trustworthiness.
  • Receive feedback from others about your personal trustworthiness.
  • They Say

    Nancy El-Hibri

    El-Hibri Foundation

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two sessions on emotional intelligence. I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from emotional intelligence awareness. You are a wonderful presenter – thoughtful, professional and compassionate. Afterward, I had a conversation with one person who was sad the course was finished. Others really seemed to enjoy it as well.

    Practice makes perfect, so I will continue to work on changing my response pathways and hopefully, it will become second nature. I am grateful Karim found you and continues to work with you. I can see clearly now why he is so excited.

    Tom Gilman, President and CEO

    BioSero, Inc.

    Robert provided an engaging seminar on The Trust Factor: Developing a Culture of High Performance for our senior management team. The team learned quite a bit in just a few days and we are now “speaking the same language” when it comes to accountability for our individual and team efforts. I am certain that any team will improve using Robert’s methods. We have definitely increased our efficiency post-Roberts seminar and we are eager to learn more. When you invest in your team, they are vested in you

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