The Leadership Coaching Intensive

Leadership Coaching Intensive

The Leadership Coaching Intensive is a 1 to 1 leadership development program for CEOs, presidents, and owners who want to produce better results.  The program provides leaders with the tools and skills to dramatically change their current leadership behaviors from the traditional command and control to coaching, facilitating, and empowering others.

The Leadership Insevstive focuses on improving a person’s effectiveness in addressing their specific challenges and opportunities arising within the current work environment. Furthermore, coaching occurs regularly, usually every other week, until a client’s specific goals are achieved. This embedded approach allows a person to incorporate new behavior, perspectives, and insights from coaching over time and adjust coaching goals as they evolve and their needs change.

You will meet with Robert Grossman privately by phone or Zoom for regularly scheduled sessions to review progress, remove obstacles and establish new leadership building skills.  You will be part of our proprietary coaching acceleration platform to make the most out of your coaching experience. You will be supported by unlimited calls, emails, and text messages via the platform between sessions.

Everything from big-picture High-Performance Leadership strategies to day-to-day tactics and execution is tailored around the most important growth areas for you.

A partial list of results clients has received:

  • Doubled top-line revenue in 12-months.
  • Empowered leadership team to allow CEO to work on their business and grow it.
  • It helped me find the reason why I started my company and helped me grow faster than ever before.
  • Identified triggers that were pulling me off my ‘A’ game and taught me how to respond and improve my performance as a leader powerfully.
  • Achieved new levels of leadership I had only dreamed about in the past.
  • Helped our team speak the same language and accelerated our productivity and growth.
  • Took a dysfunctional team and turned it into a high-performing team producing incredible results.


According to the 2019 International Coach Federation Global Coaching Study, the median company return was 700%, with almost one-fifth of respondents reporting an ROI of at least 50 times (5000%) the initial investment.

There are various ways to calculate executive coaching benefits, such as 360 reviews, climate surveys, customer surveys, and surveys of sales, costs, employee turnover, and other business results.

Of course, some results are more “tangible” than others and are easier to translate into a monetary value or bottom-line impact. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the tangible benefits outweigh the intangible in terms of importance. In fact, intangible changes in the client’s behavior can often have a wide-ranging impact than, or may actually lead to, the more tangible benefits of coaching.

Here are some examples of tangible benefits from leadership coaching:

  • Increased sales
  • More customers called on
  • More new accounts opened.
  • Decreased costs
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Shorter time to market
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer customer/employee complaints

Robert Grossman Biography:

Robert GrossmanRobert Grossman is the Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Leadership, a national management training and executive coaching agency that works with individuals, organizations, and teams to achieve peak performance. A 360 Solutions certified high-performance leadership and teamwork consultant and one of 18 Fearless Organization certified Psychological Safety coaches in the U.S., Robert has coached and trained more than 500 exceptional leaders across the country.

Under Robert’s leadership, Black Diamond’s executive coaching team drives personal and professional growth in key areas, including communication and teamwork, employee engagement, processes and organizational structure, emotional intelligence, trust, and psychological safety. A dynamic public and sought-after speaker, Robert shares leadership advice and teamwork strategies as a keynote and workshop speaker and executive coach, including incorporating humorous stories from his past business successes and failures and his years volunteering on the National Ski Patrol.

Shirley Wiliani

I engaged Robert to guide me as I took my business in a different direction. Robert provided a blend of coaching and leadership development which played an important role in my professional growth. Robert provided an empathetic ear and challenged me in ways that will have a lasting impact. I highly recommend Robert and Black… Read more “Shirley Wiliani”

Shirley Wiliani, CPA, MBA
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Brianna Rooney

Robert has impacted my business and my life more than I could have ever imagined. I have had a successful company for 10 years now. It was until a few months ago that I realized, I did need help to take myself, my company and my employees to the next level. I spoke to a… Read more “Brianna Rooney”

Brianna Rooney, CEO and President

Emily Stellick

My CEO and I have been seeing Robert for almost a year. Since working with Robert, I’ve had a lot of eye-opening experiences that have made me a stronger leader. He’s helped me achieve a new level of management and leadership I had been striving toward but never able to obtain. Robert is always challenging… Read more “Emily Stellick”

Emily Stellick

Marc Levin

Recently, I attended an Executive Briefing on How to Create a Culture of High-Performance. As a professional advisor, I knew the culture was important, but I did not realize the impact on the bottom line a negative culture has on company profitability. After attending the briefing, I now understand the disciplines required of leadership to… Read more “Marc Levin”

Marc Levin
Jacobs & Berlin, CPAs

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