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Robert GrossmanRobert Grossman is the Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Leadership, a national management training and executive coaching agency that works with individuals, organizations, and teams to drive peak performance and profitability.

Robert is a 360 Solutions certified high-performance leadership and teamwork consultant and one of eighteen Fearless Organization certified Psychological Safety coaches in the United States. He has undergone extensive training with the world’s largest CEO coaching and peers advisory organization. He has led CEO groups that yielded transformative, game-changing results for its executive participants. With a lifelong passion for professional development, Robert has trained more than 500 exceptional leaders worldwide.

Robert demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting clients during critical growth points in their business journey. Offering both one-on-one and team coaching and mentoring support, Robert helps leaders across multiple industries build innovative, customer-focused, and collaborative teams by engaging all team members to become high-performing business partners.

Brenda Allison

Brenda Alllison

Robert has a wonderful style that disarms and makes one lean in to learn. The fellow participants were all high level, high performing successful professionals. The caliber of the individuals created an atmosphere of a higher level of dialogue. This is a testament to Robert’s reputation and ability to connect with you, your employees, or… Read more “Brenda Allison”

Brenda Allison, CEO
Coast General Insurance Brokers

Ellen K. Wolf

Robert is a very strong business coach who I am happy to say has helped me in many ways over the years. Since 2007 when Robert first acted as Vistage Chair and my business coach, my decisions and results have improved dramatically. Robert is as insightful as he is caring, and as smart and capable… Read more “Ellen K. Wolf”

Ellen K. Wolf

Leading a business comes with heavy responsibilities

It is often said and true; it can be lonely at the top. You face challenges that friends and family members cannot always understand. The Strategic Peer Advisory Board connects leaders running similar size and complexity leaders to meet regularly and share business challenges, success stories, and best practices.

Why join a Strategic Peer Advisory Board?

Black Diamond Leadership brings together 10-16 non-competitive industry leaders to share ideas and tackle challenges in a confidential business environment. Designed for business leaders from diverse industries, this forum helps accelerate business growth with the sharing of best practices, providing a safe zone to help leaders tackle obstacles and enhance leadership development.

Strategic Peer Advisory Board Overview

  • 10 to 16 members based on strict criteria
  • No competitors or conflicts
  • All members must be committed to both professional and personal growth
  • One meeting per month – 7:30 am to 11:00 am, PST
  • Industry-leading professional development opportunities
  • Individual executive and leadership coaching

8 Reasons to Join A Strategic Peer Advisory Board

One of the toughest parts of running a business is learning how to scale. In fact, mismanaging growth causes many businesses to fail. Strategic Peer Advisory Boards provides the opportunity to meet peers who have been through the process and are available to guide you, share best practices, and identify what not to do – significantly improving your chances of success.
We all have blind spots that impact our leadership decisions and can be difficult to identify on our own. As a member of a Strategic Peer Advisory Board, you will receive honest feedback on your business challenges and leadership methods, helping you discover key areas for improvement.
Accountability is a major component of good leadership and long-term business success. Within your peer group, non-competitive CEOs will serve as accountability partners. Your peers will share advice, provide support, and call you out when you’re not sticking to your plan.
Growing a successful business is difficult. It’s hard not to bring your personal problems to the office or your business problems at home. Joining a community of leaders who understand the struggles of balancing life and leadership can help provide support during tough times (and help you celebrate achievements).
The stronger our professional network, the more resources we have available to help tackle problems big and small. When you meet monthly with a group of engaged leaders, you gain access to their experiences and their networks. Grow your professional network with membership in the Strategic Peer Advisory Board.
The best idea is a well-tested one, an idea that has been examined and challenged from all angles. Membership in the Strategic Peer Advisory Board gives you a safe place to brainstorm ideas, share challenges, and gather feedback – saving you from costly mistakes in the future.
When you're part of a mastermind group, you learn from challenges shared by your peers before they impact your own business. Learn how to spot issues before they grow and what solutions other leaders have implemented. While it’s good to learn from our mistakes, it’s better to learn from others before we make them.
One of the best reasons to join a Strategic Peer Advisory Board is the opportunity to learn from other leaders as they work through similar challenges and opportunities. Learn from the best in the business as you tackle the challenges of running and scaling a business together.


The annual investment is $12,000 or a monthly payment plan of $1,150 on automatic payment.

Napoleon Hill

“The Mastermind Principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.”

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