Emotional Intelligence: The Pathway to a Culture of High-Performance

Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation of a High-Performance Culture

Motivated business professionals are looking for every edge to be successful in the workplace. Naturally, many develop expertise in technical or task-oriented skills in order to enhance their careers. However, those who have a high level of awareness and control over their emotions, and use their emotions to connect with others and develop positive relationships, will find even greater success in the workplace.

This soft skill is known as emotional intelligence, and it is an essential element in the business world, especially in high-stress environments. If you are unable to control your emotions, they can preoccupy your thoughts and interfere with your ability to evaluate a situation objectively. On the contrary, knowing what triggers your emotional responses and understanding how to exercise self-control over them enables you to confront difficult issues and manage change with clarity and composure.

This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop your emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to avoid self-sabotaging outcomes by altering how you perceive and respond to emotionally charged situations. In addition, you’ll improve your ability to resolve conflict constructively, create a productive work environment, build and mend relationships, and bounce back from setbacks and disappointment.

Key Topics CoveredThis course explores the following subjects in-depth:

  • How to develop your self-awareness by discovering how thoughts drive feelings and recognizing your physical cues that emotions are arising.
  • Learning to prevent emotional-hijacking by using techniques for collecting your thoughts.
  • How to develop more positive relationships with others at work through empathy.
  • Improving communication by building assertiveness skills.
  • Using your emotions as a tool to improve the process of conflict resolution.
  • Responding more quickly and positively to changing priorities and situations.
  • Keeping your composure and staying focused in stressful or high-pressure situations.
  • How to reframe thinking, change perspective, and bounce back from setbacks.

Program ObjectivesSuccessful completion of this course will increase your ability to:

  • Manage your emotions by recognizing how thoughts and emotions are connected.
  • Improve your self-control by identifying physical cues that indicate your emotions may be taking over.
  • Discover how emotional intelligence can help you develop more positive relationships at work and a more optimistic outlook.
  • Learn how to use assertive communication to express your needs and feelings appropriately.
  • Explore how to use emotional intelligence to bounce back from setbacks.

Program Logistics

  • Leadership, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Format: Online or Classroom
  • Eight Modules, Three to Four Hours
  • Workbook Provided
  • Application of Adult Learning Styles
  • Students learn best by incorporating their personal experiences
  • Workshops use accelerated learning techniques, role-plays, simulations, discussions, and lectures.
  • Interactive learning setting
  • Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk-free environment

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We engaged Robert Grossman (no relationship) to help us address labor-management challenges within our company. By creating a safe emotional space, sharing his expertise and personal experiences, and providing our team with valuable insight and strategies, Robert set us on the right path toward achieving a culture of high performance. Robert taught us the importance

Debra Grossman
Guide Dogs of America

I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s webinar, “The Link Between Being a Top Performer and High Emotional Intelligence”. Robert is an excellent presenter – measured, clear and friendly. He includes relatable personal stories that reinforce his messages. I learned useful, easy-to-implement action items that I could apply immediately to improve my performance.

Amy Evans, HIP

Robert is a powerful and highly effective business coach. I worked with Robert to clarify my goals, next steps, and to break through the barriers preventing me from taking decisive action. With Robert’s help, I was able to identify a career path that would truly satisfy me and quickly secured my dream job with my

Jennifer Leighton

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two sessions on emotional intelligence.  I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from emotional intelligence awareness.  You are a wonderful presenter –  thoughtful, professional and compassionate.  Afterward, I had a conversation with one person who was sad the course was finished.  Others really seemed

Nancy El-Hibri
El-Hibri Foundation
Diana Lenko, MBA

Thank you for your excellent presentation on Practicing Emotional Intelligence.  I found your development tips tremendously helpful.
I teach Emotional Intelligence to students, unfortunately, EQ literature is often strong on good intentions rather than solid practical advice.
I can also relate to the fact that every day we face a choice to be empathic,

Diana Lenko, MBA
Keysight Technologies
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