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Leaders who develop themselves in soft skills such as Self-Mastery, promote faster and ear more money than their peers who lack vital skills such as emotional intelligence, having difficult conversations and interpersonal trust.

Are You Struggling With Getting Your Teams To Produce Results Without Babysitting Them?

Learn How To Empower Your Teams Not Control Them So You Can Focus On Bigger and More Important Initiatives.

Improve Your Level of Self-Mastery To Become More Effective In All Aspects Of Your Work and Life.

Become An Expert Communicator To Have Those Difficult Conversations With Your Team, Peers and Leadership.

Develop Team Members To Collaborate More Closely By Providing Healthy Feedback To Each Other.

Create Psychologically Safe Team To Improve Performance, Engagement and Growth With Radical Condor.

Understand How to Create a Climate of Trust In Which People Collaborate and Work More Effectively Together

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The Benefits of High-Performance Work Systems

There has emerged in recent years an exciting new paradigm known as High-Performance work systems (HPWS). HPWS is changing the way we think about people and how work is organized. A High-Performance organization could be defined as an organization in which each person is a contributing partner to the business.

High-performance work environments require deep respect and trust in people. People are neither viewed as extensions of machines, objects to be manipulated nor costs to be controlled. Instead, leadership sees employees as thinking and feeling human beings who bring enormous energy, creativity, and talent to their work. Most people want jobs that are meaningful and allow them autonomy to make decisions and contribute to the company in significant ways.

Effective organizations are those moving beyond attempting to control people to trusting and empowering them with the resources, information, tools, skills, and support to manage their work processes and create products and services of unprecedented quality. Moreover, they cross-organizational schisms to make it happen.

Three Simple Steps To Improve Performance and Effectiveness

Step 1 - Self-Mastery and Emotional Intelligence

When leaders, managers, supervisors and team members know how to manage their emotions, then everything else has a greater opportunity for success, engagement and performance.

Step 2 - Challenging Conversations and Interpersonal Trust

Mastering challenging conversations impacts every interaction, everyday at work. Both leaders and team members must be able to engage in giving and receiving feedback, coaching conversations and conflict resolution.

Step 3 - Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is broadly defined as a climate in which people are comfortable expressing and being themselves. More specifically, when people have psychological safety at work, they feel comfortable sharing concerns and mistakes without fear of embarrassment or retribution.

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