Characteristics of a High-Performance Leader

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About the Webinar

Webinar Video – Characteristics Of A High-Performance Leader

Orginal Webinar Date: May 23, 2018

Runtime: 30 Minutes

Many companies still think management and leadership are the same things. While a leader needs to develop management skills, there are four other roles a leader should excel at.

It does not matter if you lead a team of two or a large, multi-national corporation, the principles of High-Performance Leadership are still the same – and they can be learned and developed.

The Presenter

Robert S. Grossman, High-Performance Coach, Consultant & Facilitator @Black Diamond Leadership
Having achieved success in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, Robert S. Grossman has helped dozens of companies with high-performance strategic consulting, sales and marketing projects. Robert is a High-Performance coach, consultant, accomplished trainer and group facilitator. He has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-cap organizations. You can video Robert’s LinkedIn profile by clicking here. 


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Author: Robert Grossman
Robert S. Grossman is a business growth consultant, trainer/facilitator, coach and speaker with decades of experience. Having achieved success in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, Robert has helped hundreds of companies with high-performance strategic consulting, training and communications. He coaches business leaders, CEOs, presidents, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Robert brings 30 years of experience as a business owner, executive coach, Vistage chair and an award-winning communicator.

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