About Black Diamond Leadership

"Black Diamond Leadership comes from my lifelong passion for skiing, where my leadership journey began as a former team leader of the National Ski Patrol."

Robert Grossman

Our core values


To create High-Performance organizations that enrich human life and achieve extraordinary business results

What Makes Us Tick

To build thriving organizations by uplifting employees through growth in development, improved communication, and challenging work.


We put integrity before any other value as the foundation for trust. Our credibility is based on our integrity and expertise.

Achieving Results

We advise, coach and design organizations in ways that produce the results that matter.


Having direct and candid conversations so others speak up. When others speak up, new ideas are generated, processes are improved, and conflicts get resolved.

Seeing Opportunities

We teach and encourage people to see differently. Once they see new ways, they focus more clearly, and as a result, they gain from leveraging those opportunities.

Challenging Beliefs and Assumptions

To be effective, we challenge beliefs held by organizations and our own beliefs. We question our assumptions, and where we exhibit resistance to new ideas, we believe this is an opportunity to learn. This permits us to stretch our thoughts and ultimately to improve our own performance.

Causing Accountability

We believe that accountability is instilled in us by our childhood experiences and is demonstrated by committing to improve the performance of organizations, volunteering to support our community, embracing non-profit organizations, and working to sustain what is best in our environment.

Weaving Fun Into What We Do

To ensure the benefits from these values, fun drives the engine of accomplishment. It provides the energy to persist toward achievements and to sustain them.

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

We believe when our clients’ prosper, they have a direct and positive impact on our communities, families and friends.


Health Care




Professional Service Providers