Webinar: 8 Steps To Self-Mastery

8 Steps To Self-MasteryThis is a recording of a complimentary webinar recording to help you prosper

The ‘Secret Sauce’ of Becoming a Great Leader That People Will Respect & Trust…

In a recent Gallop poll, it was revealed that 75% of employees had left a current job because of their manager or a lack of proper leadership.

So how can you be a better leader, that also gets the very most out of your staff or employees (and even yourself)?

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to leadership success is a combination of effective leadership and communication skills, developing the proficiencies needed to lead high-performing teams, the ability to boost employee engagement, and more.

And one of the BEST ways to achieve all of these effective leadership abilities is to gain a deeper understanding of your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ). Knowing and understanding EQ will make a tremendous difference in your success as a leader and your happiness.

Broadcast Date: August 13, 2020

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