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Four Steps to Overcome Common Obstacles in Teamwork


Business leaders often run into many obstacles that keep them from moving forward solely because of their doubts and fears. Since they are not perfect, it is crucial to learn how to partner well with others and create TEAMWORK! Strong teamwork consists of people who are committed and want to work together in order t be prosperous and productive. Having a team of diversified individuals will bring many positive aspects to a business venture. Be aware that one of the pitfalls is cloning the same people over and over, which will lead to limited resources and limited skills. Step 1. [...]

Four Steps to Overcome Common Obstacles in Teamwork2019-03-03T08:05:01-07:00

Employee Engagement – The High Cost of Doing Nothing


Engaged employees directly influence an organization’s bottom line.  Employee engagement programs are responsible for improved financial results, increased customer satisfaction rates, higher productivity, and better employee retention rates.  Companies can no longer choose to engage employees; it is imperative for survival.

Employee Engagement – The High Cost of Doing Nothing2018-02-16T17:41:01-07:00

Break Away From A Traditional To A High-Performance Organization


Businesses who merely accept the way things are and do not challenge themselves to think bigger will continue to struggle in our multi-generational work environment. millennials are seeking a different type of work environment, such as a High-Performance organization vs the traditional one that has dominated organizations since the industrial revolution.  As you read through the below characteristics, make note of the ones you see in your own organization. How can you challenge your institution to rise above? TRADITIONAL PARADIGM: IT’S JUST THE WAY WE DO IT In 1903 Fredrick Taylor coined the phrase "Scientific Management" to describe the Traditional Paradigm. [...]

Break Away From A Traditional To A High-Performance Organization2017-05-08T10:15:01-07:00

How You Can Create a High-Performance Culture


Knowing that you need to have a culture of high-performance in the workplace is one thing - stepping up and creating that culture is entirely another. For most business leaders, knowing where to start is the hardest part. High Performance - A Systematic Approach The key to getting started in creating a high performance organization is to lay out a systematic approach. Culture can be an ethereal thing - difficult to nail down and even harder to change. In order to get the results that you want, as a business leader it’s critical that your parameters are clear, concise and well [...]

How You Can Create a High-Performance Culture2017-03-13T12:15:44-07:00

How To Create and Maintain Engaged Employees


This is part 1 of a series of articles about this topic Ask yourself the following questions: Where will your business in five years? What are your revenues? Profits? What services/products are you offering? Now think about how you’re how will you get it there? Are you going at it alone? If you want to scale your business, you’re going to need help from your employees. But how and, maybe more importantly, why will they help you? Despite what you may think, offering your employees a bigger paycheck isn’t going to keep them engaged in your vision or even with your company [...]

How To Create and Maintain Engaged Employees2017-03-13T16:45:19-07:00

Are Your Employees Disengaged or Actively Engaged?


Organizations must choose to actively grow employee engagement in order to increase morale and productivity.  When correctly implemented, employee engagement is a comprehensive, strategic approach that creates positive, lasting results. Establishing and strengthening emotional bonds between organizations and their employees is not a new concept by any means.  It goes without saying that today’s marketplace is extremely competitive and everyone could stand to increase their bottom line.   Strategic advantages that set organizations apart from another are hard to come by.  However, a distinctive factor each organization possesses is its employees with their unique backgrounds and experiences. According to a report from [...]

Are Your Employees Disengaged or Actively Engaged?2017-03-13T17:54:48-07:00

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